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IT/BPO/Business Park

it_bpoIn today’s technology driven era, technical progress is based on a combination of inquisitive spirit and scientific know-how, but it also requires optimal working environment to enable top-level professional performance. Technology has taken India by storm in the recent years. The high rise glass laden towers have managed to capture the world between their walls of glasses.



Flexible working hours and shifts with the to and fro of employees give easy access to the pests like cockroaches & rodents. Cockroaches feed on the food particles left unnoticed due to the habit of snacking at work desks whereas Rodents have a knack of nibbling into anything they can get their teeth into. In case your cables and wires fall prey to these little menaces, that could further be detrimental to your business. Chewed cables can also spark off short circuits and fires.

Pests in and around can cause great distress for those who work in these offices. They can also cause damage to buildings, fittings and computer equipments and cables being particularly at risk from the gnawing of rodents. Even if your business does not handle food, pest problems can take hold especially where goods and people constantly come into your premises. Once pests are present, they will damage your stock and can harm your reputation.

There are a number of factors that contribute to the risk of pest problems in an office

  • Location (city, urban, industrial park, rural, etc)
  • Age, construction and condition of the building
  • Size and layout of the offices
  • The nature of any goods stored in or near the offices
  • Whether food is served on site

Pest Control (World) has a solution to any of your pest problems. Your schedule is our schedule and we see to it that our services are least invasive to your schedule and we also offer to conduct the services while your employees are at work. Armed with an expertise of well trained and certified servicemen we can provide bespoken solutions as per your requirements.

For type of pest infection, an office needs to be carefully surveyed to assess the risk level and define an appropriate Pest management service to ensure a pest problem does not take hold. The main threats are from rodents, flies, moths and biting insects but a wide range of other insects and nuisance birds are also common problems faced by people.

Our technicians are local and they are there to support you whether it is a one-off pest problem or to provide you with the peace of mind of a complete service plan. If there is a problem, our rapid response commitment will mean that our technician will be with you quickly and deal with the pest so that it does not come back.

Applying a broad range of innovative products and services – tailored precisely to your requirements – we make sure you are ready today for the needs of tomorrow. We work with you to provide unique strategies for pest control that is made to meet your needs and is customized to your business premise.

Pest Control (World) will help you attain any regulatory certification or mandates which may be required and will work with you to keep your premise hygienic and clean.