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Health Care

Health care faclities have a complex environment. Pest activities in these sensitive areas can have a profound impact on its visitor’s and patient’s health and welfare. Education and a mutual understanding of the objectives and the limitations of a plan are important to guarentee successful results. When pests enter the scenario, the side effects can rather be hazardeous.

Taking cognizance of these important factors we have a number of solutions in the offering. We have the essential expertise in dealing with healthcare and recognize the type of service required. We take special care to see that no alien chemicals can get into the premises where its matter of hygine and safety and feel confident to service your business.

Unlike other providers,Pest Control (World) backs its service with a Quality Assurance Team of professional entomologists, sanitarians, food safety experts and commercial and industrial specialists. These experts will tailor your Pest management program to meet the specific challenges at your facility, and would then monitor its effectiveness through timely audits – so you’ll know you’re getting the results you want.